E-learning education

Qu.I.S.F. Department offers training courses for operators in the field of food and occupational safety, fire prevention, health-emergency, voluntary certifications, designing and developing e-learning courses and e-learning management platforms.

E-learning courses, based on Moodle platform, are designed for specific sectors of interest, customizable and certified by Italian University.

Recently, Qu.I.S.F. Department has increased its competences in e-learning, designing and developing specific company courses and managing dedicated web-platforms. This means:

  • to overcome the limits set by a physical location, such as a traditional classroom location,
  • to significantly reduce teaching costs,
  • to deliver on-line documents and audiovisual / interactive material,
  • to allow on-demand fruition of courses to all workers,
  • to unbind theaching from spatio-temporal limits.


Set-up of courses takes place through dedicated and customizable web-platforms, which allow the access and the fruition of courses, associated to the management of attendance certificates and their expiration.

In this context, Qu.I.S.F. Department offers a long range service, as it manages the entire life cycle of courses: planning, production, editing, set-up and monitoring.